The Benefits of Laser Dentistry

At Premier Dental Care, we strive for our staff to be consistently educated and up to date with the latest technologies. That’s why we offer laser dentistry at our Palmdale, CA dentist office. Dr. Karim Naguib discusses the technology of laser dentistry, what it treats, and the benefits of using the laser over traditional methods.

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What is Laser Dentistry?

Instead of using normal dental tools, laser dentistry utilizes the concentrated beam of a laser. Depending on the laser used, hard tissue or soft tissue can be treated. There are various procedures that can be done and the laser usually enables them to go faster and be more comfortable for the patient.

What Can Laser Dentistry Treat?

A soft tissue laser is mainly used to treat conditions of the gums. Gum inflammation and sores on the gums can be healed with the dental laser. If you have issues with a gummy smile, we can contour your gums so that they’re less prominent on your teeth. We can even your smile out so that the ratio of gums to teeth is balanced.

In addition, laser dentistry can be used to help with sleep apnea. We can remove some of the tissues that collapse in the back of your throat that interfere with your breathing. The laser is also able to regenerate damaged nerves and treat a condition called tongue-tie. Tounge-ties can impact your speech

For hard tissue, laser dentistry is mainly used to treat root canals and tooth decay. Due to the concentrated beam of the laser, less material can be taken from the tooth for the process. They can also be used to address tooth sensitivity and other restorative procedures. The hard tissue laser utilizes both heat and water to provide treatment.

What are the Benefits of Laser Dentistry?

The best part about laser dentistry is that it’s able to help both your treatment and healing time go faster. Less damage is done to your gums while they’re being treated, leading to less bleeding, swelling, and no need for stitches. This helps the healing process go much faster.

Since there’s no actual cutting, anesthesia may not even be needed for your procedure. It’s a much more comfortable form of treatment than traditional methods of oral surgery. This makes it ideal for patients that may suffer from dental fear or have a low pain tolerance.

Due to the energy and heat emitted from the laser, your gums are sterilized as they’re being treated. This helps lower the risk of infection after treatment. Cuts and sutures make it much easier for bacteria to get into your bloodstream and cause an infection.

Laser Dentistry at Your Palmdale, California Dentist

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