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If you are missing a full arch or set of teeth, dentures can be a great restorative option. Dentures are custom-fit for patients to restore the form and function of their teeth. Premier Dental Care offers restorative dentistry in our Lancaster and Palmdale, CA offices. Our dentists in Lancaster, CA will work with you to pick a denture option that best aligns with your budget, goals, and oral health.

Dentures and Partials Palmdale, CA

Benefits of Implant-Secured Dentures

Dentures that are supported by implants are the most stable form of dentures. They’re a permanent restoration and you don’t have to worry about replacing your dentures down the line. The dentures are permanently attached to the top of dental implants that are anchored in your jawbone. You get the various benefits of dental implants, including the regeneration of jawbone growth, no dietary restrictions, and easier care.

Implant-secured dentures don’t need adhesive or special soaks to clean them at night. You’re able to just brush your teeth like you normally would to keep them clean. Because of the implants, your jawbone won’t deteriorate and change the fit of the dentures. They’re secure in where they are, and you can eat, chew, and speak with confidence.

Treatment with Dentures and Partials

Before treatment, Dr. Karim Naguib will examine your teeth and gums to see if you are a good candidate for dentures. He may take jaw stability into account when creating a treatment plan for you. Depending on the results of his assessment, you may be a candidate for another restorative treatment.

If you want to get implant-secured dentures, an evaluation will have to be done to see if you’re eligible. While implants are the most recommended solution, they do require a certain amount of healthy bone structure to be successful. We always want to make sure that we provide personalized care that’s the best option for your unique case. We’ll make sure to give you the solution that’s right for you.

Removable dentures consist of replacement teeth on a base. Molds of teeth will be made and a temporary restoration may be placed before your dentures are complete. In addition, this restoration is color-matched to teeth for a more natural look.

Permanent dentures, also known as implant-secured dentures, are secured by dental implants for a stable and secure restoration. Dental implants consist of titanium posts that are inserted into the jawbone. The posts fuse to bone tissue and heal during a period of 3 to 6 months. After this period, an abutment and dental crown are attached. Implant-secured dentures are a long-lasting and durable option for missing teeth.

How to Choose and Care for Your Dentures

Dentures FAQs

How long do you have to wait to get dentures after teeth are pulled?

Dentists usually recommend waiting a couple of months for your teeth sockets to heal before placing your dentures. This allows enough time for your jawbone to heal as well and provides a stable foundation for your dentures. You can get immediate dentures (also known as same-day dentures or temporary dentures) placed so you don’t go without teeth while you wait for your final restoration.

Do dentures make you look different?

Dentures can create a more youthful appearance for your face and smile. Implant-secured dentures have the added benefit of supporting your jawbone and promoting growth so you experience less facial sagging in the future.

Can I sleep in dentures?

Yes. It is possible to sleep with your removable dentures on. Although, we do not recommend that you do this every day, or on a regular basis. Your gums would love you if they got some rest from wearing dentures all day. Taking them off before bed gives your jaw time to relax and can help prevent gum irritation during the day.

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