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Do you suffer from chronic headaches? Chronic headaches are frequently a side effect of TMJ disorders. The joints that connect the lower and upper jaw are the temporomandibular joints. Complications and problems can occur in the jaw joint and the muscles that control the jaw. Other often painful symptoms can damage teeth and make it difficult to use the jaw and teeth properly. Our dentists have experience treating complex concerns related to bite function. We offer personalized and comprehensive treatment plans that address the cause of TMJ related symptoms such as headaches. Premier Dental Care offers in Lancaster and Palmdale.

Chronic Headaches treatment in Palmdale, CA

Are My Headaches an Oral Health Concern?

Teeth grinding, or bruxism, is the habit of grinding the upper and lower jaw. Many patients grind their teeth unknowingly in stressful situations or while they are asleep. Bruxism causes jaw and muscle and can cause excessive teeth wear, TMJ disorders, and headaches. The pressure caused by grinding the jaws together agitates the facial and head muscles creating painful headaches when patients wake.

TMJ disorders affect the alignment, function, and health of the jaw, muscles, and joints. Many patients may experience painful symptoms due to bruxism, an uneven bite, or trauma to the jaw joint. Patients with a malfunctioning jaw joint also often experience chronic headaches.

Treating Headaches and Other Concerns

Oral appliances can be used to treat headaches. These appliances act like mouth guards and prevent teeth from grinding together. They cover and protect teeth to prevent further wear and tear. They also take the pressure off of the jaw and allow teeth to properly align. After receiving treatment with oral appliances, some patients may need restorative treatment. If teeth have been worn down or damaged due to bruxism caused by TMJ, they can receive dental crowns to protect teeth from further damage.

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