Discolored Teeth Palmdale, CA

Discolored teeth are a common cosmetic dental concern. Genetics, lifestyle habits, and diet all play a role in the appearance of your teeth. Premature tooth discoloration could be a result of medication, injury or other issues. Poor oral hygiene, tobacco use, and consuming staining drinks like coffee, tea, and wine can also impact tooth color.

Treating yellow teeth in Lancaster, CA

Treatment Options for Discolored Teeth

Premier Dental Care offers treatment options in Lancaster and Palmdale that whiten and brighten teeth:

Tooth Bonding

Tooth bonding can lighten the appearance of teeth by several shades. Using a composite resin that is adhered to and shaped to teeth, tooth bonding can last patients for years with proper dental care. Dr. Karim Naguib prepares the tooth or teeth so that the composite resin can adhere to the surface of your teeth. The resin is then applied, shaped to the tooth and cured using a special bonding light. The tooth is then shined for a natural and brighter look. After tooth bonding treatment, it is best to schedule regular dental checkups. Our professional team can help you maintain the health and appearance of your smile during these appointments.

Porcelain Veneers

Dental veneers are made up of a thin shell of porcelain or resin that is bonded to the surface of teeth. The shape, shade, and position of the veneers can be changed to improve the cosmetics of your teeth and smile. Porcelain veneers can also be used to restore lost tooth structure. Because they are thin, they are one of the most conservative cosmetic treatments available to patients. In addition, porcelain veneers are bonded to the tooth structure to strengthen them.

Tooth Whitening

Dr. Naguib offers in-office and at-home teeth whitening treatment. Before choosing a treatment, he will review your budget and goals with you. He will also assess your teeth and gums to determine if you are a good candidate for treatment. For at-home teeth whitening treatment, Dr. Naguib will take an impression of your teeth to craft a custom whitening tray. After the tray is complete, he will supply you with a whitening gel that is applied evenly to the inside of the tray. You can wear the tray for a few hours a day.

Discolored Teeth FAQs

What causes discolored teeth?

Discolored teeth can happen due to a variety of circumstances. First, our teeth naturally discolor as we age. Our tooth enamel becomes thinner and the yellowish color of the dentin shows through. Lifestyle choices like smoking and drinking things like wine or coffee can also cause your teeth to be discolored. Certain medications and bad oral health habits can contribute as well.

Are there consequences to having discolored teeth?

Most of the time, discolored teeth are just a cosmetic issue. However, depending on the causes of your discolored teeth, you may be more likely to suffer from tooth decay or other oral health issues.

What if tooth whitening doesn’t work?

While professional teeth whitening is a quality solution for most types of dental staining, there are some stains that may be resistant. For instance, spots caused by medication won’t respond to traditional whitening techniques. A consultation with your dentist can determine what whitening solutions would be best for you.

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