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Following a root canal, a previously decayed or damaged tooth can receive a dental filling. Patients can restore and maintain their oral health with this general treatment option, keeping the natural teeth strong and healthy and avoiding damage that may lead to an extraction.

Premier Dental Care offers white, cosmetic fillings for the most natural-looking result. Old, dark, or leaking fillings can be replaced with a tooth-colored composite filling that will provide long-lasting results.

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Tooth-colored fillings offer multiple benefits to patients and dentists alike. “White” fillings are compatible with dental sealants and easily bond to the tooth structure. They can also be repaired by the addition of more composite material. If you have an old dental filling our dentists will be happy to replace it for you.

Treatment with Dental Fillings

A dental filling procedure can usually be completed in just one visit to our dental offices. Our dentist in Palmdale, CA, Dr. Karim Naguib will apply a local anesthetic to the affected tooth to numb the area. He will then clean the tooth area.

The filling is then applied to the tooth, shaped, and hardened into place by a special light. Dr. Naguib will then polish the tooth for a natural look and shine.

In advanced cases of tooth decay, we may recommend a root canal, tooth extraction, or inlays and onlays to help restore a tooth or teeth. Dr. Naguib will work with you to determine the ideal treatment that best fits your particular needs.

At Premier Dental Care, our mission is to improve the health and function of our patients’ smiles. We work with patients on an individual basis to help them achieve healthy and long-lasting smiles.

Do I Need a Dental Filling?

There are many symptoms you may experience that indicate you could need a dental filling. One of the most common is tooth pain. This can come as sudden and throbbing pain when you’re biting or chewing food, or pain you experience when you’re drinking or eating something sweet or at certain temperatures. Any kind of tooth pain you experience should be examined by your dentist.

There are visual signs that tooth decay is present as well. If you see dark spots on your teeth or a hole that you can see or feel, these are signs you have a cavity. You may notice that you get food stuck in between certain teeth or your floss always tears in a certain spot. These are signs that you may need a filling, too.

Dental Filling FAQs

Are dental fillings normal?

Yes. Most Americans have at least three dental fillings in their mouth. They’re one of the most common dental treatments that are performed by dentists.

Do fillings make your teeth weaker?

Dental fillings are designed to actually make your teeth stronger. Composite fillings work with your teeth and bond directly to the surface of the tooth. They’re much stronger than having a tooth with a cavity.

Can I eat after getting a dental filling?

With composite fillings, the material is hardened by a particular light before you leave the office. This means that you can eat right after your appointment! We may recommend that you wait an hour or two, however, depending on where the filling is located. The anesthetic used can take a while to wear off and make it difficult to eat or use a straw.

How long does it take for tooth fillings to settle?

On average it takes about 24 hours for a filling to harden and completely settle. During this time patients should be careful while chewing and eating.

How many times can a tooth filling be replaced?

Tooth fillings can be replaced multiple times. We do not have an exact limit to how many times a filling can be replaced, however, we will stop replacing your filling once the hole is too large. At this point, your tooth will need to be fixed using a restoration, rather than a filling.

How long after a filling can you drink water?

After a filling is placed, we recommend waiting to drink water until at least an hour after your procedure. We advise patients to wait a couple of hours, or until any numb feeling has worn off to eat or chew anything else.

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