All On X Palmdale, CA

All-On-X or hybrid dentures use multiple dental implants to secure a full arch of missing teeth. With several strategically placed dental implants, these dentures can secure a full tooth arch. Each patient is different and will require the “right amount” of implants for their smile.

Our dental team thoroughly evaluates patients’ smiles and uses state-of-the-art technology to plan their treatment. The All-On-X treatment itself is minimally invasive and looks and feels natural.

All-On-X uses screws to secure a hybrid denture to the dental implants in the mouth.

All On X in Palmdale, California

The All-On-X Procedure in Palmdale, CA

We begin the All-On-X process with 3-D imaging using a CBCT scanner, which we can do in our Palmdale and Lancaster dental offices. Then, we will use detailed images of your teeth, gums, and jaw to determine if you require additional services like bone grafting or a sinus lift.

We want to ensure that our patients are viable candidates for dental implants and that results will be stable and healthy. Treatment planning is also important to ensure that restorations like All-On-X are the best options for our patients. We use x-rays and 3-D imaging to determine the best places to place the dental implants and how many implants we will use.

After we ensure that patients have good oral health and enough bone tissue, we place the implants into the jaw bone or grafting material beneath the gums. The implants will secure the screw-retained hybrid denture. All-On-X is fixed in place. You can chew and bite naturally without dietary restrictions. 

All-On-X FAQs

Do you want to learn more about All-On-X treatment but still have questions? Read answers to these popular questions about these dentures below: 

Are All-On-X and All-On-Four the same?

All-On-X and All-On-Four refer to the same procedure for an immediate load denture, typically using more than four implants. Dr. Naguib will choose the appropriate number of dental implants based on your treatment needs and oral structure’s overall health and stability. 

How many implants will I need for All-On-X treatment?

We can secure a denture with as few as two dental implants. However, your specific treatment plan is tailored to your needs. After thoroughly examining your smile and taking detailed x-rays, we can better understand how many dental implants you will require for All-On-X treatment. 

Can you replace all of your teeth with All-On-X?

Yes, we can replace all your missing teeth with an All-On-X treatment, whether you’re missing an upper arch, a lower arch, or all of your teeth. 

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