Why Patients Prefer Clear Braces

If you are considering your orthodontic treatment options, odds are you have wondered about the differences between treatment with traditional metal braces and treatment with clear braces.

While both options will effectively straighten your teeth and address concerns like crossbite, overbite, and underbite, there are some key differences between these two treatment options to consider. Invisalign in Antelope Valley

Learn why so many patients prefer clear braces when compared to traditional metal braces below.

Traditional Metal Braces

Traditional metal braces used to be the only option for addressing orthodontic concerns. They utilize metal brackets and wires that are firmly secured to your dental structures for the entire duration of your treatment plan.

Orthodontic treatment of any kind can take several months or even years to complete, so patients who choose traditional metal braces must be willing to adapt to the metallic aesthetics associated with this treatment option.

Additionally, patients who choose traditional metal braces must be prepared to make certain lifestyle adjustments to ensure the success of their orthodontic treatment. For example, patients should avoid eating anything that is excessively crunchy or chewy, as these snacks can easily cause damage to the dental hardware and prolong the treatment process.

Patients with traditional braces will also need to take additional oral hygiene precautions to prevent food residue from remaining trapped among the brackets and wires.

Today, traditional metal braces are often recommended to patients suffering from severe orthodontic concerns; however, there are other alternatives to consider for addressing mild to moderate orthodontic concerns.

Clear Braces

Clear braces are a more discreet, yet just as effective treatment option for addressing mild to moderate orthodontic concerns. Instead of putting up with the metallic aesthetics of traditional metal braces, patients have the option to address their orthodontic concerns with completely see-through aligners, which allow them to maintain their natural smile aesthetics while still undergoing treatment.

Aligners are designed similarly to retainers in that they fit snugly over your teeth. They slowly apply pressure to your dental structures and encourage them to shift into a straighter position over time. Patients are encouraged to remove their aligners on a daily basis to eat, drink, and brush their teeth.

As long as you wear your aligners for an average of 20-22 hours a day, your treatment plan will progress as intended.

Patients enjoy the removability of these clear aligners, especially for special occasions like job interviews, weddings, or first dates.

Patients also enjoy spending less time in the dentist’s office than they would with traditional metal braces. This is because all the aligners are given to the patient upfront, and no wire-tightened appointments are necessary.

Your dentist will instruct you on how often to change your aligners (usually once every two weeks). Clear braces offer patients the same effective results as traditional braces without all of the lifestyle adjustments and associated inconveniences.

Invisalign in Antelope Valley

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