The Importance of a Custom Mouthguard

Everything from excessive teeth grinding to playing sports can add wear and tear to your mouth. And without proper preventative care, you could wind up with chips, enamel loss, and even jaw pain. Getting a custom mouthguard in Palmdale and Lancaster, CA, could help reduce the risk of mouth trauma.

With a CUSTOM MOUTHGUARD in Palmdale and Lancaster, CA, you can protect your teeth

Why Go Custom with a Mouthguard

A custom mouthguard is designed to fit your mouth for increased comfort and concentration. When you use a non-fitted mouthguard, you could suffer negative side effects such as difficulty breathing or speaking. A custom-fit mouthguard is made to fit along the natural ridge of your bite, providing protection without impacting your mouth’s ability to function. 

Do You Really Need a Mouthguard?

Mouthguards are crucial dental appliances that help prevent injury to the mouth. They are essential for athletes or anyone who plays any contact sport. During a match, excessive tension on the head and jaw can lead to grinding, clashing, and knocking of the teeth. With enough pressure, these forces can increase the risk of chipping a tooth or having a tooth knocked out altogether. 

Other Benefits of a Custom Mouthguard

Outside of preventing direct damage to the teeth, custom mouthguards also carry a host of benefits to the wearer. Benefits include:

  • Reducing the risk of soft tissue bruising in the mouth
  • Lowering the risk of concussions
  • Relieving stress and tension in the jaw and neck
  • Allowing the wearer to speak and breathe freely
  • Reducing the chance of the mouthguard coming loose or falling out

Can a Child or Teen Wear Custom Mouthguards?

Because their mouths are still developing, custom mouthguards for children and younger teens can be difficult. When you get a custom mouthguard, it’s designed and built to fit naturally around your teeth. But as your teeth grow and shift, the fit can become uncomfortable and could reduce efficiency. Because of this, many dentists will suggest waiting until a child is of a certain age to create a custom mouthguard. Your dentist may also recommend waiting until any orthodontic treatment is complete to ensure the mouth is in a stable position before making a custom mouthguard. 

If your child or teen plays sports or performs other physically demanding activities, consider discussing mouthguard options with your dentist. You can still get a custom mouthguard for your child, but you’ll likely need to come in regularly to make new ones as your child’s bite changes.

Where to Get Custom Mouthguards in Palmdale and Lancaster, CA

Protecting your mouth from trauma is crucial if you want to avoid painful damage and costly treatment in the future. Investing in preventative treatment options today can save you time and money tomorrow. Contact Premier Dental Care to schedule an appointment with your dentist and see if a custom mouthguard in Palmdale and Lancaster, CA, is right for you. Call our dentists in Lancaster, CA, or our Palmdale, CA, dentist office at (661) 273-6565 for more information.