Why Should I Keep Up Regular Dentist Visits?

Many people believe that if they brush their teeth often enough, they don’t need to see their dentist in Palmdale, CA. That’s not the case if you want to keep pristine oral health. At Premier Dental Care and Implant Center, regular dental cleanings and visits can help keep your smile and mouth healthy. Learn more about why you need to visit the dentist regularly.

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Dental Cleanings

Dental cleanings are a different type of cleaning than you can get at home. Using the particular tools of a dental hygienist, plaque, and tartar are removed from your teeth. These tools can get into places that are harder to reach with a regular toothbrush. Toothbrushes are also only able to remove so much plaque. If it’s very sticky or starting to harden on your teeth, you won’t be able to remove it on your own.

While you’re at a dental cleaning, you’ll also get an examination. Signs of cavities, tooth decay, and gum disease can be hard to recognize at their early stages. You may not see the warning signs at home. With dental technology and expertise, our staff will be able to see these warning signs.

Catching conditions such as these early is very important. Tooth decay can lead to the pulp in your tooth getting infected and requiring a root canal. It an even lead to the loss of your tooth. Gum disease can lead to gum recession, as well as tooth loss. This can lead to needing surgery or other maneuvers to fix.

At-Home Oral Health Care

Between dental visits, taking care of your teeth at home is crucial. It helps prevent stained teeth, bad breath, plaque buildup, and other things. But are you practicing oral health care in the right way? From looking at your teeth, we’ll be able to assess the success of your home oral health care procedure.

We analyze the condition of your smile and make recommendations based on what we find. We’ll go over the proper brushing and flossing techniques that you can use at home. This is particularly crucial for child patients, as they’re more likely to suffer from tooth decay. Getting children into healthy habits will help them throughout the rest of their life for their oral health.

Treatment Recommendations

Your Palmdale, California dentist can also give your recommendations for treatment for any issues that they find. They may recommend dental bonding for a chipped tooth, Invisalign for teeth that are crowded or crooked, or TMJ treatment if they find signs of issues. These could be cosmetic problems you’ve had for a while or restorative options that you or the dentist think you need.

Dr. Karim Naguib will recommend any treatment that he thinks would be ideal for your smile. While you may not think a certain chip or crack is bad, Dr. Naguib may be able to see that it’s going to cause issues for you in the future. Dentists are able to see many things that you as a patient may not.

Your Dentist in Palmdale, California

At Premier Dental Care and Implant Center in Palmdale, you’ll get full, thorough dental care and cleanings. We strive for a personal relationship with all of our patients, so you can get the exact care that you need. Call us today or schedule an appointment online to get started!