Get To Know Dr. Naguib

Premier Dental Care consists of a team of talented dental professionals led by Dr. Karim Naguib.

He is known for providing exceptional care to his patients in all aspects of dentistry. From general preventative care to treating complex dental concerns like missing teeth or dental damage, Dr. Naguib enjoys helping his patients get the dental services they need to achieve beautiful and healthy smiles. Read our interview with Dr. Naguib below.

What made you pursue a career in dentistry?

“I have always enjoyed working with my hands and the human body has always fascinated me so I wanted to either be a surgeon or a dentist. After graduating I did a year of residency half of which was in surgery. Now, I look forward to providing comfortable treatment to my patients as well as keeping up-to-date with the latest advancements in dentistry to provide the highest quality of care.”

What is your favorite thing about being a dentist?

“My favorite thing about being a dentist is that we are able to change people’s lives by making them healthier and more confident in their smiles.”

What service do you enjoy providing for patients the most? Why?

“The procedure I enjoy doing the most, and my specialty, is dental implants. This is because they are the closest tooth replacement option to a natural tooth. Dental implants are permanent prosthetics that look and feel natural, require less maintenance than other restorative options, and help preserve natural bone.”

What is the best piece of dental advice that you have to offer your patients?

“Prevention is better than needing a cure. I recommended that patients visit for a teeth cleaning and dental exam twice a year to help maintain a healthy smile. This will also allow us to fix minor issues before they have the chance to develop into major dental concerns.”

What is a fun fact about yourself that many patients do not know?

“I don’t like needles. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family, working out, reading, and swimming.”

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